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Agrisolve bags "Outstanding Contributions to Agribusiness Sector" award

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Agrisolve Ghana Limited is excited to share the wonderful news that we have been honored with the “Outstanding Contributions to Agribusiness Sector” award at the renowned Ghana Agriculture and Agro-Processing Awards 2023.

This remarkable achievement marks our third consecutive win at these prestigious awards. In 2022, we proudly secured the “Outstanding Social Impact Organization of The Year” title; and in 2021, we were recognized as the "Outstanding Agro App of the Year – Greenconnect."

Our founder, Elorm Goh, is deeply grateful for this recognition. She shared, “Since my childhood, it has been my dream to positively impact farmers’ lives, transforming them one step at a time. This award truly reflects our dedication to that cause.”

Taking a moment to express our gratitude, Elorm continued, “I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank companies present tonight. Flour Mills of Ghana, Rainbow Agrosciences, Calli Ghana – you are the wind beneath our wings. We are very grateful for your support, it’s because of you that we’re able to serve as many farmers as possible.”

The Ghana Agriculture and Agro-Processing Awards 2023 serves as a platform to acknowledge individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the advancement of the agriculture sector.

The award recipients are selected and evaluated by the Awards’ Research Board. This process involves independent surveys using various engagement methods, considering criteria such as Quality, Innovation, Market Dominance, Business Resilience, Customer Loyalty, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Industry Merits.

During a keynote address by George Danquah Ameyaw, the Director of Ghana Export Promotion Authority, he emphasized, “We have the ability to add value to our raw materials, and that's the essence of agro-processing.”

He added, “Let's not just export the cassava we grow; instead, let's transform it into high-quality cassava flour, ethanol, and other value-added products that can bring more benefits than exporting raw cassava.”

The event took place at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel on August 11.

Michael Karikari Adu, our dedicated Field Business Operations Lead, highlighted Agrisolve's overarching mission to reshape the narrative of Ghana's agricultural landscape. “Our aim is to bolster food security and improve the lives of Ghanaians.”

He emphasized, “It's essential for all stakeholders to collaborate intentionally, pooling resources to build a sustainable agricultural-driven economy that can uplift our nation and the entire African continent.”

Founded in 2015, Agrisolve is a social impact company that engages in the development of the agriculture value chain with the bottom-line of improving yields and market access for smallholder farmers.

We engage about 30,000 smallholder farmers each year, spread across 200 communities in the northern and middle-belt of Ghana – via projects and programs with the youth, women and outgrower business.

Agrisolve has been instrumental in enabling access to farmer inputs for productivity and market platform for equitable trades and food surety. Greenconnect Centers – strategically located in remote communities – which serve as a ‘last mile’ access point for farmers.

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